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Respecting the parameters

of programme and budget

is fundamental to design excellence.


- We believe in an iterative and collaborative process with our clients which results in a clear design brief. Great design can only come from a great brief.

- Our physical environment plays a vital role in the way we work, play and live. This belief drives us to create spaces that will inspire and enable others.

- Creativity can thrive even when resources are tight. It is precisely when budget and/or programme are most limited that we need to be most imaginative.


BJD is a full service design and interior architecture practice. We believe that the quality of our physical environment plays an enormous role in the way we work, play and live as individuals, organisations and societies. It is this belief that drives us to strive for the best possible solution to each design problem. 

Creating spaces that have the most positive impact on their inhabitants, visitos and organizations requires taking the time to truly understand our clients and their organisations. This requires engaging with our clients in detailed conversations, which we lead in a manner that gains the most insight while taking as little of our client’s valuable time as possible. 

A collaborative process involving all of the key stakeholders and team members is central to our design approach. A successful design has only been achieved when each stakeholder’s requirements have been satisfied. 

Our approach is steeped in the idea that design and delivery must be considered as one. We believe that respecting the parameters of time and budget is fundamental to design excellence. 

We provide full architectural and design services from feasibility/workplace consulting phase through concept design, technical design, construction, and post-occupancy evaluation. We work across a wide range of sectors including workplace, retail, hospitality and residential. 

Our team includes workplace and retail strategists, brand consultants, architects, interior, graphic and lighting designers. 

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