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BJD offer a full design management service to contractors engaged on or pitching for design & build or design & detail projects. As part of this service we also take part in the pitch process beginning with an in depth study of all available design information and existing base building information to enable the creation of accurate renders of the client teams concept design for inclusion in pitch documents. We typical also include a full 3D CAD model of the entire space or building. At the pitch stage we also focus on any areas of the design that will require particular care in developing, detailing or procuring and supply solutions, sketches, and where appropriate alternative solutions in line with the clients design. Where possible we begin a dialogue with the clients design team at this stage to ensure we are delivering their design properly, even at the pitch stage.

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Key to our design management process is the creation of a design  programme, mapping out all design workshops, sample and shop drawing submittals, mock-ups, and client sign-off deadlines. Meeting the programme is critical to ensuring the design is delivered on budget and as intended by the clients design team.

Where there is not a client design team on board we are more than happy to offer full brief to build service for D&B and projects.

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